Don't be this person...ignoring the empty rack and creating a hazard...


Show some respect please!

Here are the simple rules of respect that are not covered in the standard rules...


*Do not stop or congregate in the lift line to wait for friends or adjust equipment.  Wait for friends BEFORE you get into the lift line, not where the chair is loading.

*When it is your turn to load, move forward and get on the chair.  Do NOT wait for others or let a chair go by when people are waiting behind you.

*Long lift lines are annoying enough.  The few seconds saved by cutting the lift lines aren't worth it. 

*take care not to run over the top of other people's skis and boards.

*warn others when bringing down the safety bar on the chairlift.

*If a single, move forward to fill up the next available chair if there are people waiting in line behind you.

*If you fall while loading or unloading, your FIRST priority is to move yourself and equipment away from the landing area and allow others to keep moving.

*On paths, do not take up the entire width by zigzagging.  Respect others moving at different speeds than you are.

*Respect novices, and ski school groups. Not everyone might be as comfortable on the trail as you are. everyone was a beginner once.

*Know your limitations and ski/ride within them for your safety and others. 

*When overtaking others give enough space to account for sudden movement. 

*When stopping on the slopes avoid narrow spaces, terrain that could hide you to others uphill.  snowboarders especially as you have a low profile when sitting. Best is to stop on the side of the slope.

*When climbing or decending on foot stay to the side of the slope.

*Be aware of your surroundings!  Keep your head on a swivel and know where others are regardless of who has the right of way.

*When passing fast, give wide space to slower skiers/boarders.

*If you are involved in a accident you must stay until the Ski patrol arrives.

​RESPECT MEANS CONTROL...Be in control of yourself, respect others



 Kids Chairlift Safety & Courtesy...


  • A small child (Defined as shorter than 51'' as defined to the top of the helmet,) should be assisted by the lift operator or the parent/guardian. They should not be allowed on without such assistance.

  • When riding a fixed grip chairlift with your child (lifts that do not detach and slow for loading and unloading), position them on the side of the operator

  • Before you get to the load board-get ORGANIZED to avoid delaying others while you corral your child (children).

  • Once they are ready they should quickly move from the Wait Here sign to the load board.  Remind them to "Put Boots ON The Board".

  • As the chair approaches the load board, your child should turn to the outside of the chair, reach back with their free hand and grab on to the vertical pole.  They should remember "Turn, Reach, Grab" 

  • Your child should hold on to the vertical bar next to them all the way up the chairlift.  They should remember "Hold On".

  • Your child should sit all the way back in the chair with their back touching the back of the chair. They should remember "Sit All The Way Back".


  • Your child should sit still.  They should remember "Sit Still".

  • You both need to plan with each other to unload at the unload sign.  Remind the child to stand up and glide down the exit ramp.

  • Have your child clear the ramp and watch out for others ahead and around them. Remember to move out of the way quickly.

Spread the word...Respect the Mountain....Respect fellow riders...Respect yourself


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